Booking and payment online by this website is mandatory (within the day before, writing in the NOTES your preferred time) knowing that, in case of rain, for security reasons, we don't carry out the activity. In case of rain, however you can change the time and / or if possible for you, the day, otherwise the test drive will be refunded.

You can find us at Piazzale Galileo, Viale Galileo Galilei  in the toll parking with the blue lines in front of the entrance of the park Palace hotel near the statue of Daniel Manin 

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You can reach us from the centre of Florence  by bus (the bus n. 13 from the main train station Santa Maria Novella or the red bus without roof  Sightseeing  A line) or by taxi (10/15 mins), or alternatively on foot but please consider that it is a totally uphill road.

No. When there are adverse weather conditions i.e. rain, ice, fog, or wet roads  we do not carry out any test-drive activities. 

The various speed limits of the different types of roads are indicated on speed signs as specified by the Italian national Highway Code. 

We have 1 (n°1)  brand new Ferrari 2+2 seats

Yes, it has a removable soft top. 

Our Ferrari 2+2 seats is red – the official red colour known as ROSSO CORSA

Our Ferrari 2+2 seats has paddle-shift and automatic shift. 

The test drives take place on the roads of the hills above Florence. Test drives do NOT take place EITHER on a racetrack OR on the motorway/highway. Test drives are not a race, but rather an educational skill-learning experience and therefore all speed limits must be respected. 

Certainly! We have GIFT CARDS available which we can send via mail. Book and purchase the test drive by this website and ask for the GIFT CARD in the NOTES. You will receive it within 24 hours by e-mail so you can print it.

All our tutors have an excellent knowledge of the English language. 

NO. The seat next to the person carrying out the test drive is always occupied by one of our Tutors. With the Ferrari 2+2 seats up to two extra guests  (not too tall) may sit in the back. 

To take the test drive you need a driving licence issued by your own country of residence and which has been valid for at least one year and a day. If you are an EXTRA EU citizen, you will also require an International driving licence, in accordance with the requirements of the Italian law.
We strongly suggest that you ask the relevant office in your home country what documentation you need to drive in Italy. If you are already in Italy, please refer to your home country consulate or Embassy for information. 

If you forget or didn’t get your international permit, you can now get it within a few hours here:


IMPORTANT: on the day of the test drive you MUST bring your license/licenses with you otherwise you will not be able to carry out the test drive and you will not be entitled to any refund

No. The only prerequisite is that you have had a full driving licence for at least a year. 

No. Should you like to have a video of your experience, we have our own GoPro video camera attached to the car. The cost is € 20. The footage of your experience is saved on brand new 8GB or 16GB Micro SD. 

Yes, you can invite up to two extra people to come on the test drive with you as passenger sitting in back. There is an extra charge of € 20 per person. 

Yes, children pay additional cost of €20.00 each (maximum two).

The Ferrari has fully comprehensive insurance cover with an excess/penalty of € 5.000 (Euros five thousand). This means that should the car be damaged or be in an accident where the driver is at fault, the driver or his guarantor will be responsible for covering the excess/penalty cost of € 5.000
For instance: if the damage amounts to € 55.000 the Client is responsible for covering € 5.000 and the insurance will be responsible for covering the remaining sum of € 50.000.
If the damage is less than € 5.000 the Client must cover the full cost of the damage (for example: if the damage amounts to € 3.000 the Client will be responsible to pay € 3.000.

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